Friday, March 16, 2007

The Chronicles of a Deadbeat Godfather

The Catholic Church has specific rules as to how one must choose godparents. If you don't already know them, go look it up.

I am not what real Catholics consider to be a good Catholic. I have far too much education, and I think for myself. However, I am hard-pressed to find any institution, religious or otherwise that I find to be perfect. So when the time came to have my daughter baptized, we were faced with a dilemma. Do we baptize her Catholic? Yes. I will post about that decision later. This post is dedicated to the shitty choice in a godfather I made.

I chose a longtime friend and colleague. Honestly, he was the only male Catholic I could think of. He is a lapsed Catholic even more so than myself. And he is gay (oh the horror!!). But, he has just enough sass and sense to answer my daughter any question she might have--political, historical, scriptural and otherwise. This man suffers from an overabundance of education, and I thought he would put it to good use with LittleBird.

I thought.

Fast forward nearly two years, and we have not heard a peep from him. Since I quit the job he and I worked at together, not one bloody word. So what that we moved across country? My cell number is the same, and I have had the same Hotmail address since 1999. He could have gotten in touch with us at any time.

I finally emailed him last week after months of hemming and hawing over it. It comes down to this--I may have made a poor choice in choosing him as LittleBird' godfather, but it is done. The Vatican is not going to give me a do-over (though I did wonder about the possibility). I do not know if he is going to email me back. He did not respond to the Christmas card I sent the first Christmas, and he did not acknowledge that fact that I had moved out of state when my new job called him for a reference. So, we shall see. I don't know whether this is a bet I would take or not.