Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I'm Happy, Damn It!!

I think that most people don't reflect on the fact that they are happy until something awful befalls them. It usually takes an episode of grief and heartache to realize, damn, things were really good. How important to come to that realization before the other shoe falls. While you are in the moment.

Because guess what? I am happy. As a clam. Like a pig in shit. I am happy, and it feels so damned good. We've been in our new digs for nearly a year now, and it is the first time in long time I've felt this way. As in twenty-two years long time. For the first time since my parents first moved me out of my home state, I love where and how I live. I've got a fantastic circle of friends who want to hang and listen to my stupid stories. They can match, and often trump them. My kids are well-adjusted, and every now and then I even get to see my husband.

Life certainly hasn't been smooth these past eleven months, but I've had love and support from amazing people I never thought I'd meet. I am having fun, and I love it. I mean, how many people do you know will pick you up a couple of bottles of margarita mix from Costco just for the hell of it?


Annabelle said...

I wonder if it's because people are afraid to jinx their good fortune.

Glad things are swimming along for you.

You are one of the first blogs I found myself reading regularly, I love your humor.

Not Afraid To Use It said...

Good point! I think it may also be that people like to complain about the small stuff and commiserate with their friends. Then, when the big stuff happens they realize how much they were sweating the small stuff. I know I am guilty of it. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey- good to hear from you and especially when it's good news!!!! Congrats! It makes me happy that someone else is happy!

Anonymous said...

Happy is such a good, good Thing. I'm glad to hear it's found you and you've certainly paid your dues to get to this point.

All the best to you and yours...