Monday, April 4, 2011

In-Law Olympics

After quite a long hiatus, here I am. We've survived four months in the high desert, and life is finally settling into a good routine. We've have bumps along the way, but most issues have been resolved and put behind us.

Which means the universe wants to throw me a curve ball before I become too complacent.

My in-laws arrive tomorrow. That's right, you know the ones. They haven't darkened our door in four years, and whatever the reason, they have decided to come and stay with us. For a month. We're not even done unpacking our crap, and we're now repacking to make room for two more adults in our household. We've moved the kids into one room in order to create a guest room and are now trying to consolidate all the things I just found space for in their rooms. I knew settling for three bedrooms would bite us in the ass.

So I will spend the day today continuing to purge vestiges of my daughter's existence from "their" room so there will be no issues of not feeling welcome. I have tried to cook and freeze meals so that we are stocked up in order to lessen the tension as to what to make for dinner. For Lent, I promised myself that I would not speak ill of my MIL. It has been very, very hard. I have not always been successful. If nothing else, it has made me much more conscious of what I am saying and how.

In any event, it looks like MIL Monday will be up in full force again. I'm hanging on to the hope that this visit won't be a repeat of the last. For insurance, I've got my Guadalupe candles lit. That's what you do around here when you need a miracle.


Mouthy Girl said...

Sweet Jesus in the morning. A MONTH? Say it ain't so. Really.

I'm dealing with my MIL on her last legs - truly. Six weeks to live - no warning. Just bam. It's been bad here. I'm forcing myself back into blogging so that I have an outlet. Otherwise, I'll lose my head.

Kinda like you during this upcoming MONTH stretch. Here's a positive about your MIL: Her visit will undoubtedly make for some SERIOUSLY great posts!

Mirth said...

Lord have mercy. My outlaws were here for the month of January but due to our creative differences, they stayed in a vacation rental nearby instead of in our home. And when I say "creative differences" I really mean that my MIL is batshit crazy but I'm trying to behave and "work on the relationship". The fifteen minute separation was nice though. I feel for you, I really do.

Patois42 said...

A freakin' month?! I guess it's a damn good thing it is Lent.

Here's hoping you survive the month and get another four-year reprieve.

Anonymous said...

A month????? That's just cruel. All the more so because you're still in transition from moving...

I'm (almost) struck speechless. That's a new low. Even for in-laws.

MIL Mondays will be back with a vengeance. There's a difference between speaking ill and simply pointing out the obvious. Right?