Thursday, March 18, 2010

Landlord Break Down

We broke down and called our crazy landlord this afternoon. We haven't had a properly functioning oven in well over a year, but it's been worth the creative cooking in order to keep her the hell away from our family. It was going to take more than a broken ignitor switch to have me speak with that woman again.

Well, "more than" has happened.

This past week, the water heater started to go. We still have hot water, but not enough to fill a bath tub for the kids. Certainly not enough for me to take a shower. The kids haven't had a proper bath in nearly a week, and while we were hoping it was something that would sort itself out, it hasn't.

Hubbie called her this afternoon and told her the issues. She was surprisingly calm and professional about the whole thing. I am crossing all my fingers and toes that she has had some kind of shock therapy and will handle this like a normal person. However, whomever shows up at my house tomorrow will be a strong indicator of just how smoothly this will go. If she brings Sketchy Handyman and Corner Crack Dude back to the house, we will have words. She says she's called a company, but some guy running a business out of his van is not a company.

The kicker is that these workers will be showing up between 10 and 12 tomorrow. I have to work at my kids' school tomorrow morning and have no way out of it. I have been desperately trying to find someone to come and hang in my living room and thankfully, my sassy friend has come to the rescue. My sassy Korean friend. For those of you who haven't heard the story, my landlord seems to think that Koreans snuck out of the neighboring house one night and cut the metal fence posts down on her property. Yeah. I would pay money to see how this goes down tomorrow.


Patois said...

What a specific paranoia: the Koreans sneaking out to cut the posts. Here's hoping your sassy Korean friend served it up perfectly.

Tuli said...

Oh my. I agree with Patois. Hope the repair went smoothly and that you now have hot water. Also hoping you've got a working oven. :)

Joe @ IrrationalDad said...

At the very least, hopefully you can heat water on the oven...

My captcha word is "deflat". Excuse me mister mechanic man, can you deflat my tires for me? Hey doc, see my wife over there? Could you do some magic and deflat her boobs?

A Free Man said...

Thank god we have good landlords. Hope all this went OK for you.