Monday, January 4, 2010

What's In Your Wallet?

After hearing my friends were on a 21-day financial diet, I thought that sounded like a great idea. Purchase nothing but essentials like milk and bread for a three week period.

I thought about it on the way home from her house this morning. And I resolved to do it.

Until I remembered LittleBird turns five this week. I am all about creating my own party supplies, but there needs to be a balance between homemade and homely. Then I remembered my father and husband also have January birthdays. Hmmmm. This wasn't going to be so easy.

Then, in the hour and a half period of freedom I had while the kids were in school, I did a little online window shopping. Fuck it. I bought a new laptop. Since we got back to DC, my poor little Compaq has died about every twenty minutes or so. I think I rebooted 30 times yesterday. No lie. When my grandmother died last year, she left me a small sum of money with strict instructions that under no circumstance was the money to be used to pay bills.

That was nine months ago. I have hemmed and hawed and eked every last bit of usage out of my laptop. One day it is going to crash and will never turn back on. So, there it is folks. A friend inspires me to cut the spending, and I go blow a big wad of cash instead.

Apparently, the diet starts next week.


Patois said...

I think it's like any diet. So long as you do the thing -- eating, spending money, etc. -- standing up, it doesn't count.

only a movie said...

Ooooh, congrats on the new lappy.

Mirth said...

I think that it only makes sense to get a new laptop. How else are you going to keep track of what you spend on your debt diet? I did that diet last year, turns out 80% of my money gets spent on my coffee addiction.

A Free Man said...

What are you gettin'? A snazzy one? A Mac?