Sunday, December 6, 2009

NATUI Holiday Giveaway

I need ideas, folks. I am search of presents of the masculine variety. Between my husband, father, and a brother-in-law I barely know, I am hurting for ideas.

Enter the NATUI Holiday Giveaway.

I was lucky enough to come across the mother of all Christmas albums this weekend. I've got a fucked up sense of humor, and let's just say this is right up my alley. Somewhere out there I've got a musical kindred spirit of the random persuasion. And this gem can be all yours.

Here's the deal: Leave a gift idea in the comment section. You can enter/comment as many times as you like as long as each comment has a gift idea for my husband, dad or BIL. Comments will be closed Thursday at midnight (EST), and Friday I will announce the winner drawn in some random fashion incorporating a hat and a preschooler.

I hate to be a spoilsport and put restrictions on your creativity but no suggestions of ties, belts, cuff links or anything that has to do with porn or sex toys. Obviously, I can come up with those on my own. I need ideas that work, people. So lay them on me.


Tara R. said...

If the menfolk like movies, maybe a subscription to Netflix (about $8 a month) and if they are into gadgetry, a Roku box that will let them stream the movies directly to their TV (around $80).

Ginny said...

Sigh. The first comment never gets picked. Oh well.

One thing that nearly never misses is a Leatherman. And since they're always adding new doodads to them,even if a guy already has one, they can always use more.

Another good one is a big, manly couch blanket. NOT a snuggie.

And finally, "Band of Brothers" on DVD seems to be a universal dude pleaser.

So if I can't suggest the Fleshlight, that's all I've got.

Joe @ IrrationalDad said...

Uhhh... ANYTHING from the "manly" sections at Sears, Home Depot, or Lowes. Sarah says I'm easy to shop for and she knows exactly what to get me. Me, I have NO CLUE what to get her, except for kitchen stuff (which she wants, but I'm hesitant to buy). For my BIL, I picked up a gun cleaning kit on sale at Dunham's. I also picked one up for my step-dad, along with a box of 500 bullets (which my mom said he wants).

Patois said...

Can't remember if the husband follows any of his native sports or not. (Damn it! Why haven't I been paying closer attention?!) Anyhow, for my husband the Brit and crazy-ass MUFC football fan, I got him a subscription to the Man United magazine. Expensive, but much loved by him. No other suggestions for the other menfolk beyond concert tickets if you know of any upcoming shows by performers they love.

A Free Man said...

If I guess the album, can I win?

Not Afraid to Use It said...

Ooooh! Getting some good suggestions here! Keep them coming people!

And AFM? I know you are the total mp3 master, but there is no way you are going to guess this album. The gauntlet has been thrown.