Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Spreading My Wings

I'm here today, being featured at Indie Ink. It's my second appearance, and I am both grateful and honored that they liked me so much the first time around that they allowed me to submit another piece. My old timers may recognize the post. It involves contacting the family of a friend of mine who died in high school. I submitted it because even several years later, reading this entry still brings tears to my. I hope you enjoy it. And if you have the time, check out some of the other essays. They are phenomenal and put me to shame.


Cristin said...

Just read it.

I would have wanted to do the same thing, but probably would have talked myself out of it, and always wondered if I should have just done it.

I actually have a mostly written letter to the husband of a woman I took care of years ago, telling him that I imagined her at my son's bedside when he was in the ICU, that she made me feel that he wasn't alone. I never sent it, and now he's gone too.

Sorry to post in your comments.

Thanks for that post, and for turning me on to II, cool place that is... I submitted a little something.

Titanium said...

Thank you for sharing your essay on II... beautiful, touching and resonating long after the paragraphs end.

Chamuca said...

Your essay brought tears to my eyes.

My childhood best friend was killed by a drunk driver almost 10 years ago, about a week after her birthday. On the 5th anniversary of her last birthday, I sent her sister an email, telling her that I was thinking about her and her mother.

I didn't have to say why I was thinking about them, because they knew.

I plan to do it again on the 10th anniversary, in January.

I don't think the pain from the loss of a child or sibling ever goes away, and I agree that those family members genuinely appreciate that the life of their lost loved one still impacts the lives of the people they touched to this day.

Patois said...

I remember it. It's beautiful. A good soul you are.