Monday, November 23, 2009

Hide and Seek Gone a Fowl

Overheard in car today:

Daughter: Hey! You know turkeys hide behind rocks?

Me: They do?

Daughter: Uh-huh! You know where else like to hide? Behind trees!

Hubbie: I know another place turkeys like to hide.

Daughter: You do? Where!?!?

Hubbie: In the freezer.

I hope we don't receive any notes from the preschool teachers this week, or requests for any after school conferences.


A Free Man said...

I'm so excited about Thanksgiving this year because I've got family in town. Means we can have a real American Thanksgiving! I'm hoping to find a fresh turkey at my butcher's!

andbabybmakesthree said...

I don't LOL for real at blog posts all that often -- it has to be something REALLY good -- but I BUSTED out laughing at this. I can relate to your sense of humor (and would have said the same thing to DD!).

Happy (early) Thanksgiving!

Titanium said...

Hey, they're super safe in the freezer! They like it there... right before the fridge, and the delightful warmness of the convection oven...


Joe @ IrrationalDad said...

I like hubby. Nothing like giving kids the little things that may scar them for a few years. amirite?!