Thursday, October 22, 2009

She's A Keeper

Making and keeping friends gets harder and harder as our lives change because of jobs, kids and our own personal development. I've cultivated a few friendships since my move last year, and last week was a good indicator that I've been forging in the right direction.

Standing Wednesday playdate. Large house. Four children. Two moms. Happy chatting in all directions. Until my daughter comes down the stairs to the landing. Proudly splaying her hands I hear Look Mamma! And I do. At her green, freshly-painted fingernails.

Girlfriend and I jump up out of our kitchen chairs and book our asses up the stairs. Thinly disguised tension expressed in Where did you get that honey? Who is painting their nails? Where were you guys sitting?

I am having flashbacks of my mothers permanently lacquered carpet as we race into the master bedroom. There is her two year old son, with green toe nails. And green nail polish on their white carpet.

Thankfully, miraculously, there were only three spots. Three very light spots. My girlfriend? To say easy peasy doesn't even cover it. I apologized profusely for my daughter's behaviour, and she wouldn't hear of it. She said it was obviously her fault for leaving the bottle where the kids could find it and not to worry about it one bit. We broke out the nail polish remover and a stash of Q-tips and amiably worked on erasing our children's transgressions.

Our clean-up efforts ended when the two other children found us. Her four-year old daughter hauled open the bathroom cabinet, pulled out her mom's basket of colors, plopped down on the floor and looked at us expectantly. My girlfriend never batted an eye. We made our way from the carpeted bedroom to the tiled floor of the bathroom and gave colorful pedicures to our four-year old daughters and our three year-old sons.

There is so much that could have gone wrong with this scenario, but so much that went right. I feel damned lucky to have found a friend in her. She is definitely a keeper.


Anonymous said...

Awesome story! It seems as parents, we often find ourselves walking on eggshells when we reach out and hang with new people. So glad you found a kind soul . . .

Patois said...

Okay, I guess she's a keeper. Even if she does own green nail polish.

baronessvonb said...

Everyone needs their Grace under pressure. And hot damn, you've found yours! I, for one, could not be any more thrilled for you.

The Van Goat Ranch said...

Personally I like green nail polish. I think your friend has got it going on!

Rassles said...

Now that is brilliant parenting, on both counts.