Sunday, July 12, 2009

It's Just Like Riding A Bike

We attempted to teach our children to ride their bicycles today. We've got a long road ahead of us, my friends. LittleBird actually did fairly well, but I was damned glad to be behind the camera. Hubbie nearly broke his back bending over and running back and forth along the sidewalk next to the children. He was hot, sweaty and exhausted. The kids were ebullient. I? Sat on the grass snapping photographs in the cool comfort of our neighbors oak tree.

I suppose once they get it down, this will probably be a skill they never forget. However, just because you don't forget the skill does not mean you are good at it any longer. I know that when I ride my bike, it sure as shit is not as easy as when I was a child. It's hard work. And I know I do not have that sparkly grin on my face. More like a grimace. My hair does not flow in the breeze but is plastered to my forehead and neck as rivulets of sweat pour down my back. When the looks you see out of passing cars do not read Ah...look at that family riding their bikes, but instead Dear God! Is that woman about to have a stroke? make a day out on the bikes no place for hubris.

Luckily, today was merely bicycle boot camp for the kids. As I never have the opportunity to be in any of the photos, I made Hubbie snap a few at the end. Don't I look well-rested? Sitting in the shade definitely suits me.


Patois said...

Bad parents that we are, we have waited until the boy turned 7. He spent the weekend in bike riding boot camp and is now quite proficient. Well, so long as his dad is huffing and puffing alongside him.

Blues said...

Here's what happens to me everyday. I leave the house with normal hair (I have bangs) and proceed to ride my bike to work. When i get to work my bangs have done some sort of back flip and I look like I've tried to style them all Farrah Fawcett and something went terribly wrong.

Oh, and I'm sweating my ass off and look like I need a shower.

Creepy said...

you forgot to mention how very comfortable a bicycle seat is on your girl parts... youch.

Joe said...

I cant' WAIT until Tyler is ready for a bike! I loved loved loved riding my bike everywhere when I was younger and I really hope Tyler gets that trait.

A Free Man said...

Zach loves riding on the back of my bike but has shown no particular interest in peddling his tricycle. Could be a long process for us.

buddha_girl said...

You're my role model for NOT SWEATING! Love that shot with you and the kids. LOVE it!

Cannot wait to see you in August! It's gonna be great. You'll be able to meet one of my sisters as well as my dear friend, Susan, from HIGH SCHOOL. We reconnected 20 years later after she found me on Facebook. CANNOT wait!

Not Afraid to Use It said...

@Patois: We did it more out of guilt than the kids actually being ready. I figure we can ease into. Now swim lessons, on the other hand, don't get me started.

@Blues: Hubbie rides his bike to the train station every morning with the same result.

@Creepy: Ha! Good point. If my girlie parts are going to be bruised, I'd prefer it from something besides biking.

@Joe: I thought so, too. But the idea of my kids on rapidly traveling pieces of metal scares the shit out of me. Hubbie has been hit by a car THREE times. Maybe that would make a good blog post.

@AFreeMan: The seats on the bikes are great--until their legs get too long.

@BuddhaGirl: It seems my goal in life lately is to not break a sweat. I want the kids to think I am calm, cool and collected. I am sure I am not fooling them one bit.

faemom said...

We're still on tricycle phase, so you're well ahead of us. Thanks for showing me it's not so bad being behind the camera.