Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Next Teddy Roosevelt

This is so out of character for our family. However, I could not pass up the opportunity to take these photos. In the wake of his mother's death, my father has shockingly gotten off his packrat ass and begun to clean out the masses of items he has collected over the years. In his early days he hunted, but as time has passed (and the likelihood of any of his grandchildren hunting being a snowball's chance in hell), he has begun divest himself of his hunting equipment.

Here is LittleMan, in probably the only photo you will ever see of him with a gun. If I'd had cammo and a NASCAR trucker hat he'd have been wearing them. And don't worry. He doesn't know that he was holding a gun and never even asked. Take a look at the canister in front of his feet (click to enlarge). There is a bullet for the rifle on it. I put it in my hand for some perspective. And folks, I've got big ol' man hands, so no it is not a tiny bullet. Bullwinkle wouldn't stand a chance.


A Free Man said...

What's in that can?

I don't have a problem with kids and guns - not real guns of course - but toy guns. I played with guns growing up and have never shot anyone or anything. I can count on one finger the number of times I've even fired a real gun. I think we get a bit out of hand sometimes, treating something that's not a problem. You know what would help to reduce gun crime in America? If it wasn't so easy to go out and buy a damn gun.

Joe said...

HA!!! My first thought upon seeing this picture was "I wonder what AFM is going to say."

Patois said...

That moose would so be down for the count.

Not Afraid to Use It said...

@AFM: In the can? Gunpowder. To refill those monstrous bullets.

I have very convoluted opinions about gun ownership. A lot of my family members hunt, and they use the venison throughout the year. I respect that almost more than buying the meat in a package. Esp. the way some slaughter houses are run. Do I think people need semi-automatics to hunt? Hell no. So, I usually just keep my mouth shut.

@Joe: LOL

@Patois: And def better than hunting them with cars.

Rassles said...

So I'm thinking, "Seriously? What's the lighter fluid for?"

And then Freeman was all curious and asked a question so he could learn hisself, and rightly so.

I feel ignant.