Monday, March 30, 2009

Who's Your Mamma?

Coming off the birthday high of this weekend, Hubbie kept the kids occupied this evening so I could finally get the next step finished in the kids' room. If you remember from my crazy design ideas here*, they share a room we did in a Medieval theme. It was a great way to blend the boy/girl thing without having to go with a commercial character.

We got their dresser on Freecycle, and the blue and yellow colors actually matched what we already had.

Here is the finished project.

I think this earned me some bragging rights this week.

*I now realize that I did not post photos of my other painting projects. Once I find track down the photos, I will post those, too.


A Free Man said...

Nice work. I like the sexually segregate drawers.

The Van Goat Ranch said...

That is really cute! You are some more talented!

Joe said...

I like! I'm trying to determine if the knobs were intentional. On the princess side, all the crowns (tiaras?) are more or less facing up. On the knights side, however, the shields are haphazardly strewn about.

You trying to say something about boys and their lack of neatness?

Patois said...

Brag a way. You conquered that theme!

buddha_girl said...

You are one crafty bitch!