Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Where Does God Have His Hands?

With the blitz of media coverage following the birth of the octuplets, it seems everyone is weighing in on the mother's choices. I have not read or heard enough to have formed a solid opinion from which to shout from my soap box, but I did stumble across this blog this afternoon.

I was excited by the blog title and tagline. I mean, what's not to like? I found her thoughts on the octuplets to be a very interesting and thoughtful read. Reading the comments, however, left me feeling disgruntled.

See, there is all this talk about God having his hand in the creation of these children. But there is much emphasis placed on "not the natural way," as if IVF children are somehow tainted. That if there is a reason you can't get pregnant it means God does not want you to have your own biological children.

I wonder what these families would do if a family member got cancer? If God gave them cancer, surely it must be up to God to take it away? Not the doctors. Not medications. Not the medical advancements that God might actually have had a hand in. Just good old-fashioned prayer. Right?

I wonder what these families would do if their father had a heart attack and needed bypass surgery. If God had a hand in placing the plaque restricting the blood flow to the heart, surely it is not up to a surgeon to remove it. Just pray and stop exercising. Right?

I wonder what these families would do if the wife had a thyroid condition and needed hormone therapy to get pregnant. To take a pill to "fix" the hormone problem isn't natural, is it?

I bet they take the chemo.

I bet they have the double by-pass.

I bet they take the pills.

Where does the hand of God stop?


tysdaddy said...

So many people talk about God in ways that are downright embarrassing. It's easy to hide behind the bearded one when answers don't come easy . . .

Great post, my dear . . .

Kat said...

I'd bet you're right - what those people would do is say, "That is different" and do the medical treatment that would help them.

I don't think there's anything wrong with IVF, but I do think that lady is off her rocker.

Patois said...

You're right on. And I say that as I pop my second phase of thyroid pills. And as I talk to my husband -- he of the triple bypass last March.

Employee No. 3699 said...

When I first started reading blogs about a year ago I came across June Cleaver and thought cool, someone else who could down a six pack. I hung around for a month or two and gave up. It was all just a bit too Pollyanna for me.

Gypsy said...

These people make me think not of hands, but of feet. Specifically them being up backsides.

Sherrie said...

Dont you know that God only loves upper middle class white Americans?? I thought everyone knew that. That is why you can put your babies on TV so long as you are married and Christian, or a famous person. They might as well be our Gods.

Having said that if she was lining up for her 8th abortion we would tie her to a stake and burn her. Again see social and economic status for god´s ruling on that one as well.

I just hate people sometimes. And how they love to use the divine to fuel their hate.

A Free Man said...

It's all a bit much for me. I can only take so much - basically zero - zealous American Christianity.

Vulgar Wizard said...

Good question. I believe in Octo's case, it's where the government assitance starts.

Joe said...


I have no problem with IVF... what I have a problem with is the poor ethical standards of the doctor, and the poor mental health of the octomom. She isn't financially capable of raising these children, so it's now going to fall on the taxpayers to care for her children. Stupidity should not be rewarded.

Not Afraid to Use It said...

@tysdaddy: I agree. And thank you.

@Kat: Wouldn't be an interesting dialogue, though? To find out why one treatment is okay, but another is not?

@Patois: Yeah, you guys have had your fair share of it recently. Hugs.

@Employee No. 3699: I think I'd like to lurk for a while. Though I find myself awfully short of blogging time these days.

@Gypsy: Hit a nerve there? My guess is you've had your fair share of run-ins.

@Sherrie: Well said!

@AFM: It will be interesting if you run into any of it Down Under.

@Joe: I completely agree with you that stupidity should not be rewarded. In this post, I meant to be a bit more broad in my ranting. I've still not read up on very much of the octuplet's mom. As someone who suffered with infertility, I've heard the "God doesn't want you to have children speech" followed up with "well God gave you the drive to find a way to have children." My question is, which is it? Seems awfully contradictory to me.