Wednesday, February 4, 2009

NATUI PSA: I Fucked Up My Feed

Last week, I somehow managed to fuck up my feed. Posts aren't updating in readers they way they should, my stats have gone all to shit, and it wasn't until after the weekend I realized my mistake. Ladies and Gentlemen, I crossed the streams.

Spengler would be pissed.

While I am not certain, I think I may have sorted things out. And my sorting it out means that you need to update my feed in your readers. Isn't that the way it always goes? Someone else makes a mistake, and you have to fix it.

Off to say 15 Hail Marys, 10 Our Fathers and 2 Acts of Contrition in penance. Will that do?


Joe said...

it's been working great for me. Although, I tried posting a comment on one of your blogs a few days ago, and the "post a comment" link took me to a different blog post. But, I was doing all this from my Blackberry, so maybe it wasn't a problem at all and I'm just an idiot.

*thumbs up*

A Free Man said...

Seems to be working OK for me.