Monday, January 12, 2009

Out On that Damned Branch Again

It is a sad state of affairs that I have lived in our current location for nearly a year and can count on one hand the number of friendships forged.

Here are the facts as they stand tonight. I love to entertain. I'm sick to death of not having girlfriends. I have therefore broken my pledge to stop being the person to coordinate events only to become the solitary red thread that ties a group together.

So, I've gone and done it again.

The season premiere for AI is tomorrow evening. I've invited a bunch of women I do not know (most of whom I've never even met) to come and watch some trash TV.

I'll have munchies out and candles lit. It's completely last minute, so I may have done myself in before we've even begun. Most people with small children cannot be spontaneous--their schedules do not allow for it. Somehow it seems I never remember that aspect of the equation.

At any rate, I am giving it a go. I can't end up any worse off than I already am. Friendless? Brainless? Helpless? Hopeless? Here's to being unemployed in Greenland.


jayna said...

I'd come.

Hell, I would almost even drive hours just to have real live, non-family interaction.

Hope at least some show up :-)

SSG said...

good idea, sometimes you gotta work hard to make friends, dontcha? I feel a bit like that where i am now- been here since August and all the friends I have are the friends of my boyfriend and their girlfriends. I want some of my own!

A Free Man said...

Sucks, doesn't it. We've been there toooo many times. Hopefully no more. Hope it goes well for you.

Tuli said...

Your get-together sounds like a hoot - who wouldn't want to come and eat munchies and watch trash TV?

Or, you could always form a brute squad to empty a thieves' forest. That's better than being unemployed in Greenland.

Betsey Booms said...

Yeah, I'm not so good at the "forging friendships" thing, mostly because I don't do things like this and I don't have a "you" in my life.

Gypsy said...

And it's better than the shrieking eels.

Not Afraid to Use It said...

@Jayna: I think one girl is coming for sure. She's already seen my diaster of a house, so I don't feel too much pressure to clean. :)

@SSG: At least your boyfriend's friends are friendly to you. That is a post for a whole other day.

@AFM: Another shitty club we all belong to, it seems.

@Tuli: Do you think they get cable in the Thieves' Forest?

@Betsey Booms: I can't be all that good at it bc it never seems to work.

@Gypsy: I'd take shrieking eels over shrieking kids most days.

Joe said...

I have ZERO friends in my town... and that's after 2 years of living here. But that's mostly because I'm strangely shy and antisocial (sometimes).

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Dude. You are so much braver than I. Wish I lived near you or vice versa. Hope it all went well.

Bluestreak said...

I'm unemployed in Spain, so I'm right there with ya.

I have been there a million times finding myself with no friends and not knowing how to start. You sound like you've got it right.