Wednesday, December 3, 2008

You Down With OCD? Yeah You Know Me!


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Not Afraid to Use It said...

So I got a little restless a few weeks back and reorganized my spice cabinet. The bottom row is alphabetized: Basil through Tarragon. The top has all the premixed jars. Pretty fucked up, eh? At least I can find what I am looking for. I may not be tall enough to reach it, but at least I can find it.

SSG said...

great so many spices... what happens if someone moves one of them? NOoooooO! reminds me of the chemical shelves in the lab, but a lot more colourful ;)

Patois said...

Mine would look like that, if I could keep my messy husband away from it. Seems perfectly normal to me, your organization.

Gypsy said...

Wow. Just wow.

Not Afraid to Use It said...

@SSG: I don't really have to worry about anyone moving anything because I'm the only one home to cook!

@Patois: Sadly, this is the only part of my kitchen that IS organized. The rest looks like a tornado hit it.

@Gypsy: Don't get too freaked out. I am so short that I can barely reach inside the cabinet and was forever having to get a stepstool to find a particular bottle. This saves me a lot of stress because I can actually FIND what I'm looking for.

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

DUDE! I've alphabetized my spices, too! We are soooo twins!

Hagar's Daughter said...

One look inside my cabinet...oh, I am not worthy to even comment on your blog - LOL.

Happy WW! Now off to at least throw out outdated spices.

Robin said...

Oh, this is just priceless. LOVE your headline too!
BTW: Mix Tapes Live? For real???? You and I are gonna be best buds, I can totally tell.

Barbara Weibel said...

Oh boy, can I relate! made me smile, 'cause I'm not alone.

Indrani said...

Wow, meticulous and organized!
I have lots to learn from you. :)

Joe said...

We've got one of those rotating cabinet thingies in our kitchen. Lazy susan? Does that sound right? Well, it's at the level of our legs and wife has it packed with spices. Why we need more than the 36 spices that are already in a spicerack, I'll never know.

Anyhoo... she recently pulled every one of them out of the lazy susan thing, took a sharpie, and wrote the spice names on top of all the lids. They're easier to see now, but I couldn't help but to wonder how f###ing bored you'd have to be to do something like that.

Not Afraid to Use It said...

@CMGD: As if we didn't already know that! LOL

@Hagar's Daughter: Now, I'm not saying they aren't expired, I'm just saying I can find them. :)

@Robin: Another Mix Tape lover? WooHoo! This is going to be the start of a beautiful friendship!

@Barbara: Ah! If there are lots of us then does that not make us weird?

@Indrani: Again, don't look at the rest of my house.

@Joe: My dear Joe. Your comment is a sad testament as to how little you must cook in your kitchen. It has nothing to do with boredom and everything to do with efficiency. I can totally see your poor wife: It's a blue lid so...this one? No. That one. No! Maybe that one? FUCK!!! She now has to squat or get down on hands and knees, hands full of food from chopping etc. and spin the "clever" susan around and around until she finds the right spice.

By writing on the tops of the bottles she has saved you and your family the wrath of the frustrated cook. Now, get in that kitchen and give the poor woman a break!