Sunday, August 3, 2008

And Puppy Dog Tales

I had to take LittleBird to her first dental appointment. Not only were we sorely overdue for her introduction to the wonderful world of dentistry, but her accident two weeks ago made it imperative for us to have her seen.

As I needed to focus all of my attention onto her, LittleMan stayed with my neighbor for the duration.

He has never stayed with anyone outside my parents before.

We walked him over. I think he thought he was having a playdate. Until he realized that I didn't come into the house with him.

He looked at me through the glass door, and as understanding dawned upon him his lower lip started to quiver.

Then he started to wail.

And I could hear him all the way back across the street as I got into my car with LittleBird.

It was awful.

When we came to collect him, he must have seen us crossing the street. We approached the front door, and he had one sandal in each hand. I could hear his frantic voice saying Shoesies! Shoesies! Shoesies!

Oh. My. God. My poor son had been sitting at the door waiting like a little puppy, watching each car drive by hoping the next one would be mine.

He didn't burst into tears when my neighbor opened the door, but the force with which he shoved his shoes into my hands and the fevered-pitch of his repetitive Shoesies! translated into I wanna go home! See! I have my shoes right here! Help me with my shoes! Help me put them on and let me come with you!

I know there will come a time when I will drop him off at a friend's house, and he will never look back. I don't know which will hurt more. All I know is that right now my LittleMan is all sugar and spice and his mamma makes his world go 'round.


buddha_girl said...

Gahhhhhhhhhhhh! I just started crying.

Buddha who is usually the first one to kick my ass to the curb when Lorna's around, cried like a BABYYYY the other night when I left him with her so I could have sex with my husband. Yes. I said that.

He stood on a chair in her front window, screaming and crying, begging for me to come back. I felt like sludge.

A Free Man said...

Yeah, I'm pretty glad that Dr. O'C has been dropping Z off at day care. Seems he's getting better, but I can't imagine it's pleasant.

RiverPoet said...

OMG - how sweet is that?? He is so adorable, I don't know how you can ever stand to take your eyes off of him. He reminds me of my boy as a toddler.

Enjoy these days Mamma!

Peace - D

Krysta said...

oh that's so bittersweet. how's little birds' tooth?

Jay said...

Oh, I used to hate that. Console yourself with the thought that is is necessary to teach them how to be alone, or with someone other than Mom. Hurts, thought, doesn't it?

Is Littlebird OK?

Not Afraid to Use It said...

@Buddha_Girl: It took everything I had not to cry in front of the kids.

@A Free Man: It's totally my turn. Hubbie had to do it with the older one. Payback's a bitch.

@RiverPoet: Every minute!

@Krysta: It is a little bit loose and we have to watch it, but the dentist says to just keep an eye on it.

@Jay: It's hard to teach them to be alone if they don't look like they are ready, kwim? It went better than it could have, so I am grateful for that. LittleBird is fine. She had a blast at the "tooth doctor".

Jay said...

Yes, I do know. It's one thing we've lost along with the extended family, isn't it? There used to be Grandma and Grandad, and uncles and aunts, all living close enough for the kids to be passed around while still very young. They got to know an awful lot of family to trust. Still needed time to get used to being left, I know, but it must have been easier. My own Mum and her brothers and sister were passed around like parcels!

These days I only have to deal with this with ex-racing greyhounds. Until they come into a pet home, they've never been alone in their lives, and it comes hard.

K-Mom said...

I know how you feel...the look of betrayal in their eyes when they realize you're leaving them with a sitter is enough to drop you to your knees.'s a mutherfucker.

CPA Mom said...

Man, that sucks. My daughter is like your little guy - terrible separation anxiety. She still cries when I leave her. And she's almost 4.

My son, so independent, just says BYE. He's almost 6.

Both break my heart. I'm a wuss.