Sunday, July 13, 2008

What's In Your Mailbox

Hey! What's in your mailbox?

I get to be a bragging little shit today because I got a package in the mail this weekend.

From Oz.

That's right folks, my winning CD from the ever clever, always amazing CDV arrived. As much as I have traveled and known people from the four corners of the earth, I have never gotten a letter or parcel from Down Under.

Now I can scratch that off of my list.

Though I must say, there was something very surreal about seeing an actual envelope addressed Happy Valley. If I didn't know, better I would have thought someone was taking the piss.

As you can see, LittleMan took a break from his drag show pirate adventure to check out the latest addition to the NATUI collection.

We popped the CD in the jukebox and played it in its entirety Saturday morning while we cooked and ate breakfast. It was a nice background to a great morning.

What got us rocking the most? LittleBird wasn't too sure when she first heard what sounded like chains, but when the music kicked in to Hoodoo Voodoo, both kids started bopping their heads in a synchronicity that only pure spontaneous musical joy can bring.

So thank you, Chris! You made our weekend, and I look forward to playing this many more breakfasts to come.


Chris in Happy Valley said...

Wow, that was quick. I figured it would go by boat or sheep train or something. Glad you guys enjoyed it. I'll have to try Hoodoo Voodoo on Zach!

Chris in Happy Valley said...

By the way, what kind of pirates wear Mardi Gras beads? And how did y'all get all those beads?

Not Afraid to Use It said...

Sheep train, then boat, then down the Potomac on a barge, by covered wagon to the post office, then stagecoach to the house. It's a miracle! LOL

Mardi Gras beads? Au contraire. That be treasure, ye scurvy dog! As evinced by the screams of Treasure! Treasure! Arrgh! that ricochet through my house on a thrice daily basis.

And as always, I scored them on FreeCycle. I have a post about coming later this week. I really scored this weekend.

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

HA! Drag show. That's OK. My three had a dress-up party this morning. Miss-Miss was Tinkerbell #1, Bubba was Princess Ariel, and J-man was Tinkerbell #2. Oh yes. Ty is soooo going to love that explanation. :)