Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Alter Ego, Anyone?

On a word search for a song, I came across this gem of a site. A D&D character naming site. Hell to the fuck yeah.

I used my initials, and put everything else on random.

Marendithas Joysword
(Male Elf Ranger)

Holy shite, are Hubby and I going to have some fun in the sack with THAT one.

Using my NATUI identity, I got:

Nerisdiana Soundinghorn
(Female Elf Druid)

Sound THIS horn, baby.

I think I am going to CafePress and get a shirt made.

I could spend hours on this shit. Have at it people. With floods, bugs, earthquakes and gas prices through the roof I think we could all use a little distraction of a positive nature.


Blue Momma said...

OK, I'm

Cariries Dragonsbane
(Female Half-Orc Sorcerer).

Blue Momma is

Belkul Moonshadow
(Male Elf Monk)

Screw this. I am so not an orc. I'd rather be a male elf monk.

Chris in Happy Valley said...

(Male Half-Orc Fighter)

Also known as...
Cruril the Fighter
Cruril the Bearer/Porter

It's been a long times since I though about D&D, but that site would have been cool back in my pimply woman-less youth.

Momma said...

I was a D&D chickie in the day. Here is my name. I'm a royal, relatively well-known scribe:

Darstina Runehouse
(Female Dwarf Monk)

Also known as...
Darstina the Monk
Lady Darstina
Lady Runehouse
Lady Darstina Runehouse the Monk
Lady Darstina Runehouse of the Swords
Darstina Runehouse the Scribe

Gypsy said...

Joysword? What a wonderful porn name! ;)

Not Afraid to Use It said...

@Blue_Momma: Yeah, I wouldn't do the orc thing, either.

@CiHP: I always had an interest in D&D and never got the chance to play. Still love all the names, though.

@Momma: Somehow, I am not surprised to hear you are a D&D chickie. LOL

@Gypsy: Exactly!!! Now, if I can just find five minutes alone with Hubbie we can put that "JoySword" to good use. ;)

Geek Mom said...

You know I dig this!


Belamros Ironhouse
(Male Dwarf Arcane Archer)

Also known as...

Belamros the Arcane Archer
Lord Belamros
Lord Ironhouse
Lord Belamros Ironhouse the Arcane Archer
Lord Belamros Ironhouse the Legendary
Belamros Ironhouse the Animal Handler

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

OK, with my real name, I'm...

Hollysaadi Dawntracker
(Female Half-Elf Dwarven Defender)

With my blog identity, I'm...

Carmorel Homeforger
(Female Gnome Arcane Archer)

I'll take Hollysaadi Dawntracker. Suweet!

Not Afraid to Use It said...

@GeekMom: I KNEW you'd love this shit! LOL

@CMGD: Okay, Dawntracker is SO cool, and reminds me of Dawn Treader. Ahhh, the memories.

highlander1463 said...

You know I like this stuff. I was lost for years in the d&D world. I have a friend who went over to the SCA and never came back.

I'm Pankas Silverkin by the way,
Male Human Wizard (at large)


Nicole said...

Here's mine...

Nerisella Pegason
(Female Half-Orc Arcane Archer)

Also known as...
Nerisella the Arcane Archer
Lady Nerisella
Lady Pegason
Lady Nerisella Pegason the Arcane Archer
Lady Nerisella Pegason the Brave
Nerisella Pegason the Dungsweeper