Friday, February 15, 2008

Manscaping At Its Best

I am a huge believer in manscaping. For those of you not acquainted with the term, manscaping is shaving and plucking your man until he looks just right.

This is not to say that he can't do it himself, and this is not to say I want to shave it all off. It is about creativity. Case in point, one of the hottest guys on Xena (yes, I did say Xena) was Ares. Check out this facial hair. I need to change the seat cover on my sofa every time I see an episode with him strutting his stuff. That is one wicked cool shave job.

Now, my man is not that hairy, but that doesn't mean there isn't a little grooming involved in his daily routine. I just like having things trimmed and evened up. He is a good sport about it, and I don't push the issue. If he does it, groovy surprise. If he doesn't, he will eventually.

If you have a man who does not believe in manscaping, he will become a believer once he is around other men with issues.

We all get older. We all have hair growing in random places. Hubbie never believed me that he needed to take care of his nose hair until we vacationed with my cousin and her husband. Hubbie came upstairs and said Oh my god! CousinsHusband needs to pluck that damn nose of his! I can't stop looking at it when we are talking!

Ah. The sweet sound of victory.

That was years ago. The lesson? Still firmly emblazoned in Hubbie's mind. Before bed last night he checked to make sure all was pleasing in the proboscal area and all was well with the world.

As a side note: for those of you whose men do not believe in manscaping, here is a tidbit of information. If he trims, not shaves but just trims, his lawn--it adds inches. Uh huh. Test it out and tell me I'm wrong.


Military Mom said...

Thanks for the tip, though I already knew that! Luckily my man is all about manscaping! Funny post today!

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Wow. That Kevin Smith (rest his soul) was HAWT! Ty-man manscapes but won't let me pluck his eyebrows, as we've discussed! :-)

Not Afraid to Use It said...

Can you believe how freaking gorgeous this man was! I can't believe I did not know that he had died. I only knew about that when I Googled his picture for his post. What a loss.

Sorry Ty-man won't let you do the eyebrows. Maybe you can ask him to do it for Xmas or a birthday.

Nicole said...

LMAO!! That's hilarious!

Did I ever tell you about CrazyPsychoMom NAMING the hair that was suddenly out of nowhere growing out of MY DH's nose?? It's name was Frank!!

Frank hasn't made an appearance was the same day she said something about his lung parasite!