Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I Love You (Period)

Wow! I get a couple of days behind in my blog reading, and now I've got some serious love to spread around.

Aithne over at BellaDrama directed her readers over here because of the snow dump pictures I posted. Thanks for sending a little more traffic my way! Lord knows I can use it!

Military Mom gave me this beautiful award. She felt sorry for me in all my weather-induced craziness. Here's what she had to say:

Not Afraid To Use It because she is dealing with even more horrendous weather than I am, which is saying something.

So thank you lady!! Coming from someone in ND, that is a hell of a compliment!

Her highness the Baroness von Bloggenschtern gave me an E for excellent. Fuck yeah! I am number seven on her list--how the hell did she know that was my favorite number? I loved her description of my blog:

Not Afraid To Use It - Oh. My. Lord. This woman had me at her header. And this is no ordinary header - it is her manifesto. She is the ultimate underground blogger - the flip side of a mommy blog, she actually has MIL Mondays, where she tells the on-going epic saga that is her Mother In Law from hell. So very, very clever.

I totally recommend you go to this blog and check out the other blogs she gave this award. The Baroness has got a great list here, go and give them a read.

So thank you ladies for these newest additions to my trophy case. I know it is tradition to pass them on. Instead of giving them out right away, I am going to sit on these for a while. I want to give them out when I have the time to write a great post and give them the attention they deserve. Stay tuned, I will be sending them out to a few killer bloggers.