Thursday, January 10, 2008

WonderGirl: The Roommate

I haven't posted a WonderGirl story in a while. The well has been a bit dry on this front, but holy shit when it rains it pours. One of the latest is The Roommate.

WonderGirl is constantly strapped for cash. She has terrible spending habits and can't balance her checkbook. Then again, who the hell actually writes checks nowadays, but that is beside the point. She let a fellow coworker come live with her so that she could get help paying her mortgage.

Come to find out last night that Loser Roommate moved in sometime in November and gave her a little cash. And has not paid her since.

What the hell? It's fucking JANUARY, for chrissake!

WonderGirl swears that Loser Roommate has to be out by February 5th. Fuck that shit. I would have her crap on the lawn with the locks changed, today.

Just another frustrating example of how WonderGirl got her name. Makes stupid decisions and then wonders what the fuck went wrong.


Heather said...

No doubt! Girlfriend would have been living on the lawn!

Yeah. No. You treat those types of living arrangements as if you're the manager of an apartment complex.

Andrea said...

I guess it all depends on the person and the situation, but I'd have probably set a deadline, too. The hard thing is sticking to the deadline. I'm almost willing to bet said roomy will still be there on the 6th.

Of course, if I set a deadline and the roommate was not out by the time the deadline arrives and I haven't seen any money, I'd rent a storage building for one month and tell the roommate she can't have her stuff until I get the money. I may be out $30, but I gave her the option to get out for free and she didn't take it.

It's taken a long time to go from pushover to bitch... :)