Wednesday, January 9, 2008

How To Tell Your Boss You Want To Be Fired

Hubbie's coworker was on BossLady's computer yesterday. All three of them were in BossLady's office. Hubbie, BossLady, and Dumbass Coworker. Dumbass was going through whatever program he was supposed to be doing.

Suddenly, a little email window opens up on BossLady's computer. The email is regarding Hubbie's job status. Dumbass Coworker OPENS THE EMAIL and proceeds to READ it. In front of Hubbie and BossLady.


Who the hell opens their boss' email and READS it while she is standing right there?!?!?

I can't stand this idiot, and I hope this has totally endangered his own job status. Nosy Fucker.


Andrea said...

Um. Yeah. Um. I'm at a loss for words!

MilitaryMom said...

Man, what a dumb-a$$! Can you say "Fire me now!"?

Heather said...

Not just fire his ass, but firebomb! Like, security stands over him as he cleans out his desk and escorts him and his pitiful cardboard box to the car!


offsprung said...

sounds like it's time for a little bag of weed in someone's desk and an anonymous call to building security.