Monday, November 12, 2007

And Nobody Died

We saw Deadbeat Godfather this morning. Nobody died. Nobody got beat down. It went much more smoothly than it could have. I felt surprisingly at peace on the way there and surprisingly at peace as I left. Now, they could have totally been horrible and made fun of me and my kids when I left, but I was not there to hear it. And that is fine by me.

No, I did not smack the shit out of DBG like I wanted to.

No, he did not apologize for being out of touch or being such a shit over the past two years.

As I got in the car, I told him "LittleBird's birthday is in January. Send a card." He looked at me and said, "Send me your address."


I guess the flash in my eyes gave him pause because he quickly added, "Oh. Duh. I could send and e-card."

Um. I have had the same email address since 1997. I check it every day. Even the junk mail. Even if he had forgotten it, I have a very unusual surname, and Googling it will bring up my email every time. He could have gotten my post address from me at any time. Fucker.

Just goes to show another person in my life who refuses to take responsibility for their actions.


Heather said...

Ass. Hey, at least Little Bird looks cute in the photo! I'm glad that ordeal is over. Good for you! And I'm glad that no bail money was needed.

Patois said...

I was guessing you'd have set up a PayPal account for the bail. I'm with Heather, thank goodness no cash was needed.

Blue Momma said...

My comment is the same as yours.