Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Third Eye Blind

No, not the band. Last summer we had the opportunity to borrow a video monitor from another family. I have never really understood the need for a video camera in a baby or toddler's room. I mean, what is wrong with a regular sound monitor?

Boy oh boy, did we learn. We have been so spoiled. We have been able to watch LittleBird and her antics when she has been in her room. Her bedroom is on another level, so it has been a godsend to be able to see what kind of trouble she is getting into without having to sneak down the staircase.

This weekend the family gave us a ring saying they needed their monitor back because they are having bedtime issues with their 3 year-old. Fuck fuck fuck. We are now on our second day without it, and I am going through serious withdrawal. I can't see if she is in bed. I can't see if she is burying herself and her toys under her covers. I can't see a thing, and it is driving me crazy. My proverbial third eye has been taken away from me, and I feel crippled.

It is amazing how dependent we can become upon something we didn't think we needed in the first place. We are going through serious growing pains, but we got by without it the first time. I am sure we will adapt to life without it again. We are not a Star Trek family for nothing.


Patois said...

Tell them you'll come over and get their 3-year-old to sleep each night if you can just keep the monitor.

Blue Momma said...

Amazon has a bunch on toys on sale for half off.

Maybe they have monitors on sale, too.....

We were obsessive enough with our plain Jane sound monitors. We would have completely lost our minds if we'd had video! Punkin is three and my hubby would still have the damn thing plugged up if I hadn't hid it from him!