Thursday, October 4, 2007

Learning To Watch My Mouth

I have always sworn like a sailor, and I knew having kids would mean eventually reining it in. That being said, it has always fascinated me how different words can bring about such emotion in people. What is bad to some is horrible to others. And some people are not phazed at all.

LittleBird gave me a strong reminder of this the other day. The "no no" word in our house right now is stupid. Because of the older kids at her school, we have talked to her that we do not say stupid. It is not a nice word, and we should not say it.

So, I got mad at hubbie for something trivial. After being alone with the kids all day I was fried. That is not an excuse but was a fact of the matter. I really try and watch my tone and try not to yell in front of the kids, but hubbie told me about something he had done that really set me over the edge. In the kitchen, I yelled at him that I was "tired of him doing stupid shit like this ALL of the time."

And a little voice immediately piped up: Mom! You said STUPID!

Fuck. Yes, I did.

I apologized and said that she was right, that it was not nice to say the word stupid.

For the rest of the night, and for THREE DAYS AFTERWARDS my sweet little daughter kept reminding me with a frown, "Mom, you said stupid. That is not a nice word."

I have to laugh because for her, that is a really big deal. And I am very lucky she did not pick up on the other word. I think she wants to make sure that I am sorry and that I am aware that I said it. The problem is that I use it all the time. Stupid cat. Stupid car. Stupid driver.

And now I have the "stupid police" sitting in a carseat/on the sofa/in the stroller policing me.


Blue Momma said...

My hubby and I were playing around and I was pounding on his arm. He was laughing.

That was like two weeks ago. Punkin is still running around telling me not to hit his daddy anymore, that we don't hit.

Of course he didn't pick up on the fact that daddy was being an asshole. Kids pick up such stupid shit!

Patois said...

That you said "stupid shit" and only got busted for the "stupid" is a true testament to you. I, too, curse like a sailor but manage to curb it mightily. We've got "stupid" and "shut up" as verboten words. We let them say "crap" only in front of family. Try teaching that concept to kids! Yeah, I suck. I'm a stupid bitch.

Be Inspired Always said...

If we swear - we say it in a different language. LOL

This one person was SO impressed with my 9 year old when he said the word, "stupid shit" in spanish... I actually had to laugh. I am guessing he thought it was a "good" thing, instead of what it was.


Not Afraid to Use It said...

Oh--the second language swearing goes on here too! This time, it just happened to be English! LOL