Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Edible Spice Girls?

We let LittleBird stay up to watch Dancing With the Stars with us last night. After Mel B performed, we were cracking up that she used her own Spice Girls song to dance. So we asked LittleBird, Hey!! Do you wanna hear a Spice Girls song?

(Yes, we do have their music. You can't have lived abroad during that time and NOT have acquired a CD or two with their music on it.)

I really started to get into it and say, Oh!! You are going to LOVE this LittleBird! The Spice Girls are fun! Here, let me find you a Spice Girls song.

And LittleBird looked at me and said, Can I eat them?

Oh. My. God. We laughed so hard. And I did not want my sweet daughter to think we were making fun of her, but we were so shocked and she was so cute. I do not know where my little two year-old learned that spices were to eat, but she has. That totally made my night.