Friday, September 21, 2007

Three Strike Friday

Some time ago I blogged about how I had been stood up for several playdates in the span of one day. Today, it happened again. Three stand-ups in one day.

I was supposed to have had a playdate for LittleMan this morning while his sister was in school. They called to cancel early this morning because they are sick. I totally understand how it is with babies, so that is no big deal.

My second blow-off came from my standard "friend" who pulls this shit on a regular basis. She called me earlier this week and asked if we could get our kids together. I did not set this up, it was her idea. I was going to bring my kids by her place since we pass her house on the way home from LittleBird's school. She called at 12.20 to say that she was still shopping in a town over an hour away. That she was running a little bit late, but that she would be at my house for the playdate.

First of all, the playdate was to have been at her house. Whatever.

Secondly, I called my hubbie to tell him the latest development. I told him my prediction was that there was no way she could go to Target with her kids, pick up what she needed for the airplane and her trip (yes, this is the same mom), and make it back here in the time frame she was talking about. I told him I thought she would call me to say her kids had fallen asleep in the car and that she would cancel/tell me to call her later.

Guess who got a phone call at 1.45? Man, did I call that one or what.

As my hubbie and I laughed about it on the phone (because I cannot take this seriously anymore) I thought to myself--hmmmmm. Last time this happened it was a three-strike deal. What was to befall us next?

And then it hit me. We were supposed to have been having dinner at another mom's house tonight. I talked to her about it at playgroup on Tuesday. She has not yet gotten back to me about it, and it is nearly 3 o'clock on Friday. So there is my third blow-off of the day. Yes, I could call her. But I asked her about the dinner. I am the one who suggested we get our families together. She is the one who offered to get together at her house and said that she would talk to her husband and get it set up. I feel like the ball is in her court, kwim?

So, once again it is Friday, and we do not have a damned thing to do. That is fine, though. Hubbie will be coming home, and we can kick back with a movie and a glass of wine. I love him to pieces, and he is the best company I could ask for. We can laugh about all these flaky moms, give each other a hug and know that we are not going to let it get to us.


nikki said...

Sounds like a couple of people need some serious wedgies. I have a three year old whose the man for the job. I'll rent him for cheap.

Blue Momma said...

How about after the wedgies I send Punkin over to poop on their couch?

We'll show them not to stand you up!

The only other thing I have to offer is: Move. To. Alabama.

latt├ęgirl said...

Oooooh, I like this blog!

You came by and left me a comment (thank you!) and naturally, I came over here to see what's what.

Nice writing style, direct, interesting, humorous, and YOU CAN SPELL!

I'll be back!

P.S. A glass of wine and relaxation with hubby sounds pretty nice, even if all your other dates got cancelled.