Monday, September 24, 2007

MIL Monday: It's Only A Flesh Wound

It's Monday, and therefore time for MIL Monday!

Here's the challenge--give us a MIL story. The good, the bad, the ugly. We want to hear it.

Since one of my labels is MIL Is A Wackjob, I do not think it is any shock that I have more of her bizarre behaviour to report.

Today while we were Skyping, LittleMan did a header into the corner of the wall. Screamed his little head off. I picked him up to comfort him since hubbie was talking online with his folks.

As I rocked and kissed the poor little guy, I brushed back his hair and saw that he had actually split the skin open on his forehead. Thankfully not enough that blood was flowing, but enough that you could see the meat under the skin. Yeah, yeah. That sounds gross, but you know exactly what I mean now.

Hubbie tells his parents Oh! That's why he was crying so much! He split his forehead open when he fell on the wall.

MIL laughs and says that he must have inherited his clumsiness from hubbie.


She fucking laughs.

No, Poor thing! No, Is he okay? No, That's terrible.

What a nutjob.


Blue Momma said...

Mine told me I had a miscarriage because I was doing to much.

At home.

It obvious she doesn't come to my house, because if you did? You'd know I don't do anything, much less too much.

That bitch. Lot's of stories, but that's the one that irritates me the most.

Jessica said...

This is too perfect, as I have a mini-novel posted about my MIL today. Perfect example of how she drives me crazy:

I could write a book.

Andrea said...

aren't MIL's the greatest! I finally broke the news to mine that her grandson is autistic. We've known for over a year, but my husband didn't want to tell her until he absolutely had to. She told me Joe was fine, but I read too much and am going to turn him into a metrosexual if I keep it up. Whatever... She's nuts! At least she lives half-way across the country so I don't have to see her much.

Not Afraid to Use It said...

Andrea, um...I wonder what your MIL would say to the fact that I put LittleMan in his sister's pink diapers. LOL Sorry she is such a pill. Yes, distance can be a blessing.