Sunday, August 26, 2007

Better Than A Daytime Soap

If this were on a soap opera, I swear I would roll my eyes and turn the channel due to bad writing:

On one of my mom boards, there is a mom who is dealing with custody/guardianship issues regarding her niece. She has opened her home to her and has been raising her. She would like to put the child on her insurance, but today she was ranting that her sister (the child's bio mom) did not want to give her guardianship over the niece. The sister would only grant guardianship to said mom's new husband. She is very frustrated and does not understand why her sister would act in such a spiteful way.

As I read her post and started to piece things together--this chick MARRIED her sister's EX-HUSBAND!!! Um, ya think THAT might be the reason she doesn't like you? I am not one to judge who falls in love with whom, but don't act surprised when your family doesn't approve of your "keeping it in the family."



Thea said...

LOL! Actually, this sounds like my family. My cousin married this lady and they had a kid. They got divorced. She married my other cousin. The kid said "I'm so confused because now my dad is my uncle and my uncle is my dad"...

All you can do is laugh at their stupidity.

Blue Momma said...

I used to think this stuff only happened on tv. The a guy I went to high school with married a girl my sister's age (seven years younger than us).

A few years later he divorced her and married her mother!!! They are still married.

What a loser. But even after that really shitty act I still remember him as XXXXX who got caught wacking off in the bathroom at school!

Sue said...


I'm dying laughing here! OMG. haha Dumbass is right!