Monday, August 13, 2007

I Deserve a Beating

Seriously. I need someone to come and beat some sense into me. I know my girlfriend is flake. I know that when god handed out common sense and couth that she was absent that day. You would think I had learned my lesson in how unreliable she is, but apparently not. How many times do I have to fall for it?

The scenario: We have a conversation about how much formula costs at one of the bulk shopping stores. She is headed over to one where she has a membership and offers to pick some up for me.

Now, this is going to be a big help because we are an hours drive from the nearest shopping center, and it will save me tons of time, gas and headache with the kids. I tell her GREAT!! She says that if they do not have it at this particular bulk-selling-of-food-store that she will stop at a regular store to get some because she needs some, too. AWESOME!! I tell her. But can you call me to let me know if they have it or not because if they do not, I will need to go to the store and buy some because we are out.

Of course! she says.

Fast forward six hours later. It is 5pm, and I have not heard a word. Surely she must be home by now? I figure I can have my hubbie stop by her place on the way home from work. Poor Little Man is really thirsty, and while he has had other things to drink, I know he is looking forward to his "special drink."

So I give her a call. Only to be told that she hadn't bought any. At all.

What the fuck is wrong with you, lady? I told you to CALL ME if you were not going to stop and buy some. Her response, "Oh. You're out? You don't have any more?" Um. Yeah, dipshit. Hence the reason I needed you to pick it up for me.

So the whole afternoon of glowing thoughts of what a kickass friend she is and how I could totally believe in her this time were for naught.

I am so gullible. Maybe I learned my lesson this time. But probably not.


Blue Momma said...

Hi, Gullible. I'm Gullible, too.

I've gotten bitten in the ass enough to know I should avoid it. But I think I'd rather get bitten now and then than to just assume everyone is a lying, unthoughtful, selfish asshole. Even if that's exactly what they end up being.

And I like the text in your profile. I think we'd get along. And I PROMISE I'd bring the formula!