Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Brag 'n' Bitch

I used this format with my mentor students back when I taught high school. They had to say one good thing and one bad thing about their day, but no one could repeat what someone else had said. For instance, if one of the students said the bad part of their day was the math test they had that afternoon, no one else could use that as something to bitch about.

So I thought it would be fun to institute this here. So come on, what is one great thing that happened to you today, and one thing that sucked?

I'll go first:

Brag: I figured out how to open one of my spice grinders. It was HARD work, but now I can put my mustard seeds in there to use for cooking. It made me feel BADASS!!!!

Bitch: The kids are being a PITA to get to bed again tonight. So my country ribs that I proudly put on the grill to indirectly cook are fucked.