Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Hypocrisy of a Blog

The title of this blog is obviously a misnomer. If I truly were not afraid to use my mouth I would have no need for this space. There is a difference, however, between what you want to say and what you are entitled to say. I do not believe in saying something solely for the purpose of stating my opinion regardless of the feelings of others. When a friend tells me of some ridiculous behavior her husband has exhibited, I do not say, "Wow. Your husband is an asshole." My friend has come to me for a shoulder to cry on, not for my judgment. Now if she is critical of her husband, I may feel free to chime in, but only to a point. Every relationship has its own rules, its own boundaries. What works for them may not work for me. Exactly the reason why they are married to that stupid oaf and I am not.

If I let loose with every random thought that crossed my mind, I would have even less friends than I do now. I do not believe in destroying someone's day simply for them to hear my opinion. Some thing are best left unsaid, or stated on a blog. I recognize the hypocrisy of these statements, but such is the world in which we live.